The Kutná Hora Arts Centre

On the 18th March 1998 the Czech Museum of Fine Arts, Prague, was entered in the land register as the owner of the large complex of the former Jesuit College in Kutná Hora, opening the way for this major piece of Baroque architecture to return to the life of the splendid town. This was not, however, the beginning of fresh transformations in the former Jesuit College's function. The handing over of the College to the Czech Museum of Fine Arts by the Czech Ministry of Culture was preceded by an initiative from the part of Kutná Hora's council, as a result of which the Czech army left the building, enabling it to be used in way much closer to its original purpose.

The Jesuit College in Kutná Hora was built on a dominant site, and features prominently in views of the town, forming a striking part of its characteristic silhouette. It is the work of architect Giovanni Domenico Orsi (1633(?) - 1679). Together with Carlo Lurago (1615 - 1684) and Francesco Caratti (between 1615-20 - 1677), he is one of the three most important architects active in the Czech lands during the early Baroque period. G. D. Orsi stands out chiefly for his ecclesiastical architecture, and his designs anticipate the High Baroque.